Project Evaluation


We approach the potential commissioning of a video film with considerable care and seek to discuss at length with all interested parties the virtues of developing moving picture presentation of organisational procedures or goals.

Image acquisition

Many workplace undertakings do lend themselves to being filmed and so can be subsequently utilised for comprehension or marketing. We take great care in determining who and what appears in front of our cameras and never undertake acquisition in a manner that might prove uncomfortable for any parties.

Location techniques

Director Mike Jackson has worked for many years as a deviser, writer, producer and director of factual programmes for both mass and specialist audiences, and has a strong instinct for people and circumstances that can flourish in front of the lens.

Film voice

In some cases individual testimony can singularly deliver powerful understanding and views of a business or social goal. However on many occasions sequences of actuality and interview benefit hugely by packaging from an in-vision presenter or a linking voice-over narrative.

Production liaison

Splash TV always work closely with clients in determining the most fruitful means of acquiring location footage and deciding how best that footage is deployed and ordered to provide a worthwhile experience for all intended viewers.

Clients are kept appraised of the editing process and are encouraged to contribute to the shaping of the finished film, which can be provided in DVD disc form or as on-line data.

Field testing

We frequently recommend test marketing of films before committing to a final version, gaining feedback from a selection of likely end users as a pilot study for the effectiveness of visual and verbal messages.


To acquire pleasing, enlightening images and testimony, then structure and shape all footage into an engaging, worthwhile narrative that results in a valuable communication tool for our client.


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