Instructional Films

Examination of techniques and facilities at centres of high specialism in order that all interested parties can be swiftly appraised of the quality and character of elements of the operation.

Client: Vamos Theatre

Objective: To show potential client theatres in UK and overseas the style and impact of Vamos house-style productions.

Production requirement: To film several performances of a promenade production without impacting on the audience's enjoyment and appreciation of the show. Cameras were positioned behind audience sight lines and dialogue captured on wireless microphones.

Client: Imperial College, London

Objective: To indicate capacity and commitment to present state-of-the-art distant learning teaching modules on heart tele-monitoring theory and practice for medical professionals throughout the UK.

Production requirement: To capture case history analysis at Royal Brompton Hospital, Chelsea, exemplifying best practice for multiple patient care issues and effective procedural outcomes.

Client: The Sustainable Building Association

Objective: To demonstrate the ability of Passivhaus building principles and technology to radically improve the insulation functionality of dwellings across London.

Production requirement: Architect to show external and internal finishings and facilities from a new high profile Passivhaus standard application at a flagship social housing property east of the city, close to the 2012 Olympics site.

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