Promotional Films

Designed to platform an area of expertise and excellence, making the subject matter, leading exponents and body of skills known to potential new users.

Client: Ecotricity

Objective: To promote the worth of a prototype wind turbine and demonstrate the honourable and energetic commitment of its operators in the face of some local resistance.

Production requirements: Designer Dale Vince to be interviewed on the platform at the top of the Nailsworth turbine in Gloucestershire. Crew had to climb exterior ladder with all kit in rucksacks to reach the 58 metre high location.


Client: The Hive, Worcester

Objective: To convey the qualities and character of the city's new combined University and public library/information hub.

Production requirement: Using one brief interview with Vice Chancellor David Green in the midst of a busy day during the first functioning week of the Hive to capture the essential elements of the facility and illustrate with pleasing and relevant exterior and interior images.

Client: Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb Club

Objective: To give new visitors an understanding of the culture and criteria of the sport.

Production requirement: Harnessing Philip Serrell’s wit and wisdom into a form that communicated his enthusiasm but emphasised the demands of the discipline.

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