Training Films

Demonstrating techniques and good practice in both physical disciplines and behavioural responsibilities. Splash TV personnel have BBC Senior Management qualifications in Health and Safety procedures in work places and in public places.

Client: Malvern Instruments

Objective: To train field engineers worldwide in the correct assembly, installation and initiating operational procedures of an advanced particle measurement device.

Production requirement: To capture the exacting mechanical and design parameters of a highly sophisticated instrument with micro tolerances and analysis capacity for use in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Client: National Trust

Objective: To capture the current state and recent history of development, improvement and presentation at Newark Park in Gloucestershire as a training tool for volunteer staff.

Production requirement: To encourage retiring house manager Michael Clayden to explain and exemplify initiatives he and others had undertaken in recent years to refurbish and furnish this distinctive property near Wootton-under-Edge.

Client: Tyre Bay Direct

Objective: Demonstrate the mechanical processes involved in efficient tyre changing using the new Unite U226A.

Production requirement: Convey exacting techniques that will ensure operatives do no harm to tyres, wheels or themselves.

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